How can we cure any kind of fear?

By taking action!

Act and fear will disappear! Try it. People without fear are self-confident. They show self confidence at every level in their lives. Can we learn to become self confident?

Answer is: Why not?

Here are five simple steps which help to develop self confidence:

1. Be a front seater!

Have you every noticed that in seminars and workshop, back seats get filled quickly. Why? Because people generally don’t want to come in light. They want to sit in back and listen. Therefore, try to sit in front row in any seminar, workshop or class room.

2. Walk 25% faster

It is said that average person walks on an average basis while people who have some thing to do – some thing to achieve in life walk faster – try this and you will see the difference. This has effect on our posture – When we walk fast, our mind works fast.

3. Speak up!

There are people who think and think and think. They think: If I spoke, the person in front of me won’t be happy or my boss will not like this idea. Therefore, why speak?

If a person wants to increase self confidence, he or she should speak up. People who succeed in the world do so through conveying their ideas and thoughts to others – so, speak up your ideas. Don’t insult others but do convey your ideas in a respectful manner.

4. Develop eye contact

Don’t see down – see straight up in eyes. This is one of the characteristics shown by self confident people.

5. Smile big

Just try this: Think that you are frustrated and dejected and smile at the same time.

You won’t be able to do it.

Smile! It helps.

Your ideas?.