A.S.K. formula for getting more in life

We want to get more – more money, more satisfaction, more peace, better promotion and like.

How to get what we want to get?

David J. Schwartz, in his book: The Magic of Getting What You Want provides us with a formula called ‘A.S.K.’ (You may read David’s advice on the words used by big thinkers from: http://wisdomfrombooks.com/?p=816)

So, what does A.S.K stands for and how can we use it in our daily lives?

A is for Ask

S is for Seek; and

K is for Knock

This may sound simple but believe me, people are afraid to ask.

At times, people want some thing but they are afraid to ask for it. Or even if they ask for it, it is in a very negative manner e.g. I don’t think you have time to help me in my assignment?

When a negative question is asked, the response will mostly be negative.

David suggests that the successful people are ‘askers’. They often ask positively but they don’t beg. David further suggests that when you ask, expect some rejection too but keep on asking in a different way.

Also, we should remember to ask people for help, not to give orders.

Asking some one for advice is the sincere praise which we can give to him or her.

Finally, David suggests on choosing a mentor – a guide, a successful person who will help you on the path of success. We might think why would a successful person be willing to help us?

Alternatively, we might think that any successful person won’t help us?

Why are we thinking like this – though we have not ‘asked’ any one yet? :-)

So, ASK and you will be given, Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be opened for you!

Good luck!

Note: You may read about one disease which is common in all of us from David Schwartz from:


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