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In one of my previous posts 10 qualities of a great leader, I explained about the key qualities in a good leader. In one of his seminars, Jim Rohn, one of the best motivational and inspirational speakers explained about five qualities and skills which are required if we want to be a good leader.

Before we list down those qualities, let’s consider: What do we mean by a leader?

A leader is a person who influences lives of his / her followers. Do you agree with this statement? If we can influence lives of people around us, we can become a leader wherever we are.

Another thing: Leadership qualities can be developed. Some people may be born leaders but others can develop this skill.

 Here are the four skills which we can adopt to become a good leader:

 1) Let’s learn to be strong but not rude

A powerful leader is strong but not rude. Rudeness does not mean strength. Both the qualities i.e. rudeness and strength are quite opposite to each other. Hence, in order to be a leader, we should be assertive and strong but not rude to other people.

2) Let’s learn to be kind but not weak

Kindness should not be mistaken for weakness. We should be kind but not weak. We must be kind enough to tell somebody the truth. At time, this truth may involve criticism. A person can be kind and criticize as well. However, there are ways and means to criticize. You may read one of my previous posts on ‘how to criticize effectively’ from this link: “The burger approach to criticism”

3) Let’s learn to be bold but not a bully

To build influence, we‘ve got to walk in front of  other people. One needs to take the first arrow, tackle the first problem, discover the first sign of trouble and look out for solution which no one has thought before.  

4) Let’s be proud but not arrogant

It takes pride to win the day. It takes pride to build ambition. One can take pride in community. We can takes pride in cause, in accomplishment. But the key to becoming a good leader is being proud without being arrogant. The worst kind of arrogance is the arrogance from ignorance i.e. when we don’t know that we don’t know!.

 5) Let’s develop humor without folly

Let’s develop humor but not rude criticism. 

Final words from Jim Rohn: deal in realities. Deal in truth. One should save oneself from agony. Just accept life like it is. Life is unique. Some people call it tragic, but I’d like to think it’s unique.  



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