We often think that people around us are difficult to manage.

Our boss does not understands us and our sub-ordinates are not willing to work if not monitored on a daily basis. Is this really true?

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I recently read an interesting article in which Nic Peeling has defined a golden rule for the front line managers . However, I was thinking that this golden rule can also be applied in our personal lives too. In our family set up, in our community set up, in our offices, in our businesses – every where. The golden rule for the managers for the people management is:

“You will be judged by your actions, not by your words, and your actions shall set the example for your team to follow”.

It is often said that ‘actions speak louder than words’. Therefore, our actions need to be taken care of.

How can we manage people as individuals in an effective manner?

Here are some advises from Nic Peeling on managing people as individuals:

• When you talk to an individual, make sure you give undivided attention, that means no interruptions from phone calls, or beepers, pagers, and the like. Set a clear time limit to your talk.
• Do not finish the other person’s sentences. Listen and wait for your turn. Here are five tips on effective listening: http://wisdomfrombooks.com/?p=938
• Make sure you are interested and give affirmations that you are really listening: make listening sounds, nod your head, or lean forward a bit. • Don’t be judgmental or argumentative
• Think about how the other person perceives things
• Don’t jump to conclusions
• Do not gossip about something told to you in confidence
• Do not tell the same thing differently to different people
• Don’t say things about people you wouldn’t tell them to their face.
• Be straightforward

Just take one moment and think: Are we following the above advice?

I found that I need to improve on a few – what about you?.