In this post, I would like to share a story which was told by a trainer to us in one of the training sessions. I found this story in one of the books of Paulo Coelho too.

Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb the Mountain of Everest, the highest mountain in the world. But very few people know that his first attempt was not at all successful. When he first attempted to reach the top of the Mount Everest, he was unable to make it.

Later on, when he was able to reach the top of the mountain in second attempt, his success coincided with the ceremony related to crowning of Queen Elizabeth II, to whom he dedicated the conquest. Edmund Hillary was awarded knighthood too i.e. he was given title of ‘Sir’ by the Queen. 

Though after the first attemp i.e. when Mr. Hillary was unable to conquer the mountain, Englishmen gave him respect for making the effort.

After his first failed attempt, he was invited to speak to a packed audience. Hillary began by describing his difficulties and, despite the applause, said that he felt frustrated and dejected. However, during his conversation with audience, at one point in time, he moved away from microphone and said some thing to the big painting of the Mount Everest. The event concluded.

Next year when Mr. Hillary was able to conquer the mountain and another ceremony was organized, people asked him what did he say to the painting of Mount Everest in the last ceremony?

Sir Edmund Hillary responded with a smile. He said: ‘I told the painting of Mount Everest that you may have beaten me this time, Mount Everest, but I’ll conquer you next year for the simple reason that you’ve got as tall as you’re going to get, but I’m still growing!’

So, the quotable quote: “I am still growing”

A mountain is stationary i.e. not moving at all. If we stop moving in life, if we stop learning, we won’t be able to progress but with a small thought that we are alive, we are growing, we have all the potential to learn, we can conquer any mountain in our life, as Jim Rohn said: Don’t wish for absence of problems, wish for more skills!

Happy learning and growing!


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