We need to remain motivated if we want to achieve our goals. Many of us set certain goals on December 30 or December 31 each year and then follow those goals religiously for a week, may be ten days and then we start following our routine and our habit!

While reading the book: See you at the top by Zig Ziglar, I came across three kinds of motivation and thought to share these with you:

1. Fear motivation:

“If you don’t study, you will fail”

“If you don’t perform, you will be fired”

“If you don’t perform well, we won’t promote you”

All the above are the form of motivation called ‘fear’ motivation.

It may work for some time but it may lead people to hate the way of work and as a result, they might not perform effectively in long term. We can all conquer fear of failure. You may click here to read: How can we conquer the fear of failure?

2. Carrot motivation

This type of motivation is also called ‘incentive’ motivation. We might remember the offering of chocolate or toffee or some other incentive in our school when we responded correctly to a question.

This is also called ‘stick’ and ‘carrot’ approach whereby a donkey sees carrot and keep on working. People are motivated by offering them incentive. However, a time may come when incentives no longer appeal to them and hence, carrot motivation may not work after a certain level.

3. Internal motivation

This is where the real life is. A 25 year study at Harvard University under the guidance of Psychologist David McClelland establishes precise scientific verification that anyone can change motivation by changing the way he or she thinks about one self and the circumstances [Reader’s Digest, May 1975, page 89].

So, the question is: Are we motivated in our life due to “fear” or “carrot” or are we motivated from within?

Here is another post on: How can we motivate ourselves on a continuous basis?

Let’s all stay internally motivated.