Why some people achieve their dreams? The ‘POP’ principle

By Motivational and inspiring speaker: Qaiser Abbas – Author of the best selling book: Tick Tick Dollar!

 All human beings have aspirations, hopes and dreams to become a breathtaking success. Yet most of us don’t achieve what we desire to. Majority of human beings live a life of mediocrity, way below their level of satisfaction. We often feel unhappy, dissatisfied, unfulfilled and even un-accomplished.

If you want to produce a significant improvement in any area of your life, you got to bring POP Principle in action in your day to day living. The POP Principle guides you to achieve success, prosperity, and a deeper sense of contentment in your life. It can bridge the difference between your aspirations and actions thus creates the life you truly desire and deserve.

What this ‘POP Principle’ is? Simple.

The P in POP Principle stands for ‘ Potential’

Every human being is born with some hidden potential which is unexplored, unidentified and unutilized. Each one of us has some unique secreted talents, capabilities and skills which are buried, unseen and concealed. So the first step toward creating a great life is to explore, understand, and acknowledge your potential. The identification of your hidden potential gives people a sense of worth and ignites the desire to show the rest of the world how distinctive, unique and matchless they are. It is the potential that if harnessed, turns ordinary human beings into great sports player like Imran Khan and Aisam ul Haq, Jahangir Khan, great poets like Allama Iqbal, great social leaders like Abdusattar Edhi, great actors like Moeen Akhtar, great scientists like Dr. Abdul Qadeer or great singers like Abida Parveen.

You will agree that these great legends have always had the potential to become great. And so did so many other human beings. So the question is why couldn’t they too become great?

 The second P in ‘POP Principle’ stands for Possibilities

If we agree in the first place that each new born baby on the planet is manifesting in this world with some unique set of skills, abilities and potential; then we can comfortably say that some Possibilities exist for every human being to use that passion to design an extraordinary life for them. But the question is how do we narrow the gap between one’s ‘Potential’ and ‘Possibilities’?

If ‘Possibilities’ are unlimited, abundant and endless, then why a large majority of people is unable to transport their potential in to possibilities? There seems to be a missing link that can connect potential with possibilities?

The missing link is actually ‘O’

‘Why poeople don’t use their potential to realize possibilities?

I have asked this question many hundred times in my training sessions. Every time the answer is the same. By the way, before I share their response, what is your answer?

 The O in ‘POP Principle’ stands for OPPORTUNITY

What is stopping you from realizing the full potential of the possibilities waiting for you? The answer is simple.

The missing link is ‘ Opportunity’. People complain for lack of opportunities.

‘Yes I have the talent, give me an opportunity and watch me realizing possbilities’ is the usual stance.

After doing motivational and change management sessions with thousands of people, I have reached to one conclusion.

We all are mostly in a ‘waiting’ mode’. We are waiting for the opportunities to come to us.

Whereas the fact is that we have to make a move and attract opportunities.

The ‘Opportunity’ does come to each one of us. More than one time. But the trick is that the opportunity almost always comes in a disguised form. A bulk of people don’t recognize it, spot it, or identify it. The best we do is to explain it as a problem. (Brian Tracy remarked: The best way to predict future is to create it: Read more from: http://wp.me/pHUHq-8h)

Yes, when stand face to face to a new opportunity, we see it as a problem, not as an opportunity. Since we all want to run away from problems, we avoid it. Avoiding the opportunity means, we miss it. And missing the opportunity means we will remain wherever we are till the next opportunity comes up. On the other hand, all capable, talented and high-potential people were able to decode the disguised opportunity and see it differently.

Yes, initially it looked like a problem but they converted it in to ‘challenge’ for themselves. Accepting challenge provided them the guts, courage and nerves to stand tall against all adverse situations. Yes, it was difficult for them to embrace pain and go away from the comfort trap but their ability to create a challenge from what others see as problem gave the fuel and energy to reach to the land of infinite ‘Possibilities’ .

Who can deny that Jahangir Khan has always had the potential to become the world’s greatest sportsman ever? but it is his ability to constantly challenge his circumstances and see every problem as an opportunity to grow that made him one of the most admired legends in the sports history. The fact is that you have an enormous potential to build a great future for yourself and your loved ones. Having that potential and even being able to correctly identify your potential is not enough. You need to develop an eye to see the possibilities for you that no one else can see for you.

By simply watching new possibilities from a distance is not sufficient either. You need to constantly narrow the gap between your potential and desired possibilities. The only thing that narrows the gap is your knack of seeing problems as challenges. You know why?

Because if you see opportunities as problems you will go defensive and employ escaping strategy. But when you see problems as challenges, you feel energized, enthused and stirred to overcome any obstacles between your dreams.

 Remember, if you are committed to tap your untouched, unexploited potential, jump at every possible disguised opportunities. Make a shift in your way of looking at things. God has sent you on this planet with a premium seed of greatness.

Don’t waste it. Plant it. Cultivate it. Nurture it. Grow it.

And then be ready to harvest the rewards of turning your hidden potential in to endless possibilities.

To know more about the author, you may visit www.possibilities.net.pk


19 Responses to Why some people achieve their dreams? The ‘POP’ principle

  1. That’s very true … One can surely reach the top by following the very principle …
    Well, stick like a postage stamp to your goal until you attain it; stand by until you succeed, ne’er e’er waver or vacillate and sooner or later you’ll succeed in getting your heart’s desire!!!

  2. This is really great….But one thing I want to share is that in addition to seeing the opportunities as problems, we are risk averse because of our education and environment. We should acknowledge that every opportunity comes with some kind of risk and that is the reason most of the times that we neglect or run away from the opportunity even though we consider it as an opportunity and not problem.

    We should always think, “Maximum risk, maximum return.”

    • This is quite true Adeeb sahib – Our education and environment, or should I say, this is in a person’s nature to avoid / minimiz risk!.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Thanks Jotham – I got your complaint this time but was unable to trace your postings; Could you please share those again? Would love to go through your ideas. Many thanks

  3. Dear Mr. Qaiser Abbas Sb,
    By the grace of Allah you will be fine. My name is Junaid ahmed. On Monday 8th October, 2012 in the evening my wife nuzhat called me and asked to listen a program which was a repeat program on ATV, morning with Farah. She asked me to listen quietly where your good self was presenting your views and my wife slowly saying that this is all about our son Muhammad Zaid Abdullah. Every word that you said was just going deep in our heart. At the same time I opened you give web site Possibilities and also about the other two foreign speakers which you mentioned in that program.
    I will be buying one of your book Shabas tum ker saktey ho, for my son who has some good capabilities but not confident to choose his goal. But once I saw your program me and nuzhat said we got the way for our son.
    I do not have the guts to select good words to write so forgive me for that.
    May Allah bless you.
    Junaid ahmed

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